Ohio's Green Future

It is not fiscally prudent to bail out First Energy (HB6) to preserve jobs that will in all likelihood disappear in a few years. It makes much more sense to use that money to repurpose Ohio factories and empower Ohio workers to participate in the green economy of the future.

We know how to make things in Ohio. We should put that expertise into manufacturing things like wind turbines and solar arrays. We should be funding the fuels of the future that we need to help avert the coming climate crisis.

We have recently seen progress toward the green economy with the announcement that Lordstown Motors will use the shuttered GM plant to build electric vehicles. GM and LG Chemical have also announced that they are starting a joint venture close to Lordstown to produce batteries for electric vehicles. This was a result of a bipartisan effort involving local legislators and the state government. The State Legislature should foster efforts to create “Voltage Valley” types projects all over Ohio.

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