An Economy that Works for All

  • The state needs to be fiscally prudent. That doesn’t mean not spending money. Being fiscally prudent means spending money wisely, making investments in the state’s future. We should be spending money on education and retraining displaced workers for the economy of the future. We should be developing the green economy of the future. We should be spending money on infrastructure and transportation geared to our needs. We should be investing in health care for all. We should be concentrating on making Clermont County a great place to live, work, and play.
  • We used to live in a time when one parent could support a family by working one job. Even though the stock market is doing well, working people are working harder with less to show for it because workers’ wages have stagnated. We need to ensure that working people get their fair share of the economy. Clermont County has one of the highest rates of working poor in the state.
  • The Local Government Fund retains 40% of the taxes that we send to Columbus. It should be scaled way down. We need that money working in our communities. not brandishing the governor’s image as a fiscal conservative. If more of that money had been returned to localities, Miami Township would in all probability not have needed a tax levy for roads, and the Loveland School District wouldn’t have had to ask for such a large tax increase.
  • The LLC loophole was a good idea that didn’t work out in practice. The idea was that the first $250,000 of income for a partner in a small business (a Limited Liability Company) was exempt from state taxes. This would give the LLC the ability to hire people. However, most LLCs that are covered by this loophole create few if any jobs. Mostly the loophole serves as a tax break for lawyers.

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