About Me

I attended Yale on an engineering scholarship, graduating with a BA in Math and Computer Science. I spent 40 years as an IT professional, owning my own software company for about half that time.

Running a business taught me the art of listening to people so that I could deliver what they really wanted. I realized that you have to plan, but you also have to be able to improvise when external events intrude on your plans. Above all, I learned that you have to get results for your customers to stay in business. These are all skills that are needed to be an effective State Representative. In the state legislature, we need to focus on finding solutions for the citizens of Ohio instead of playing petty political games.

My campaign depends on small donations and the support of volunteers, which means I am beholden to all the voters of the district, not just the big money interests.

When we in Clermont County just recycle the same candidates over and over, we get the same tired ideas put forth. I will be a fresh voice with fresh ideas. We should recycle plastic and paper, not politicians.

I’m running to give you a better choice. I will represent all of the people in the district whether they be Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. My opponent has the party machine and the big money donors. I have you. Personally, I think that’s a fair fight!

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