Alan Darnowsky for Ohio 65

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I’m running as a Democrat to be your State Representative from the
65th Assembly District to give you a better choice.

Why I’m Running

In the early 1900s, my grandfather came to this country as a young man. Although he was bright and fairly well-educated, he never became fluent enough in English to get a job that made full use of his abilities. My dad and his siblings grew up with enough to eat, but not much else. Through the low-cost and in some cases free college available then, my father and his brothers had the opportunity to get a good education. They were able to become solid middle-class citizens and contribute to our society. One of my fondest memories of my dad was when we watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon from the Lunar Module which my father had worked on.

When I was applying for college, the top universities in the nation were trying to become more of a meritocracy. I was able to earn admission to Yale despite the fact that no one in my family had ever gone there, I attended a public school instead of a prep school, and I wasn’t from the typical Ivy League socio-economic, religious, or ethnic background. I’m proud to say that my class was the first one to admit women.

I’m concerned that this country is losing its optimistic nature, and that the kind of opportunities that were afforded to my family will no longer be available to all. I believe deeply in the idea of community, that we have a social responsibility to each other, buoying each other up to build a better society. We can do this and still remain fiscally prudent. Too many people have forgotten all the help they got in reaching their current status. I’m running to do my small part to help Ohio remain a place where everyone, not just a small minority, can strive to make their dreams come true.

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Alan Darnowsky for Ohio 65
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